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Sort of gives “Long Live the Queen” a new meaning — doesn’t it? 

 Have you ever noticed that some things in life just seem to never go away?  Take for example, business processes. “Bad processes”, in particular, just seem to hang around forever.   We have good intentions, developing and installing new, efficient and effective process.  Over time, things change, but our processes don’t keep up.  Old processes, outdated methods, and old systems often obstruct new direction, new goals, and/or new people.  Results are often not what we had hoped for.  Success seems elusive.  Progress grinds to a halt.

A Certified Quality Facilitator partners with organizations to help them solve business problems and achieve higher levels of success in their business.  By helping organizations eliminate bad processes and align people and process with strategy, a business coach can help you and your organization obtain greater profitability, increase market share, decrease time to market, decrease process variation, decrease employee turnover and increase on-time delivery.  

Just because the Queen ‘may’ have been around forever, doesn’t mean bad processes have to linger for eternity.  Helping businesses get quick results and build a long term competitive advantage is what we do at Five Star Performance.  So don’t delay. Contact The Coaching Authority today.  He can be reached at Patrick.S.Frazier@Comcast.net (or more information can be found at www.CoachingAuthority.net )


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I didn’t think so…We also know of no company that has positioned themselves for long term success without managing their costs and productivity.


Business advisors may suggest that major hurdles are either financially or marketing driven. However, our experience indicates that chief obstacles in both these areas are driven by misalignment of core processes. This causes symptoms that become financial and look as though marketing may be involved, but the root cause may lie somewhere else.


The beauty to finding the solution is that there is no need to rush into a flavor of the month program. In fact this approach often has helped create the problem. What is required is an approach that is yours, is developed inside-out and is proven. When implemented properly this not only impacts profits, but also has positive effects upon customer and employee satisfaction, productivity, speed of new product introductions, and improved supplier relations. In a word, you become more competitive and more profitable.


The simple fact is that today, processes designed to fit “yesterday’s needs” can be bleeding companies by as much as 15% of their gross sales. If only a fraction of this erosion could be stopped and added to your bottom line what would that mean to you this year?


I’d like the opportunity to connect the previous paragraphs with your current business situation to see if our organization might become a resource for you.  You have absolutely nothing to lose and perhaps a whole bunch to gain. At worst we’ll both meet a good person.  Don’t Delay.  Call the Coaching Authority TODAY!


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A successful organization is one where all the parts are working together (are in alignment). These organizations are innovative, customer responsive, and prevent fires – they’re not spending their time putting out fires.

The diagram below provides a theoretical model that will allow management to understand the source of their problems and you can provide the solutions.

Start with the Strategy – What’s your game plan?

If you want to accomplish something that means you need to do something differently – that’s change. Has the organization defined success, where they want to go, what they want to accomplish?

Does your structure support that strategy? Many times when something isn’t working, organizations change their structure rather than  address the real problem.

Do your processes support your strategy? We look at the way the work flows: how much time to produce a product, waste measurement, etc. Again the key is alignment. If the strategy is low cost, quick turnaround, but the processes don’t support it, your strategy is dead.

Do your rewards and recognition systems support the strategy? For example, if the strategy is team based but you’re only rewarding individuals, the strategy’s dead.

Moving on to your people. Do they have the attitudes, skills, and knowledge to implement the strategy? Do you have the right people in the right places, doing the right things for the right reasons? Are they aligned with your strategy?

All of this feeds the heart of your business: your Loyal Customers and your Results. If all you are measuring is profits, how does that support creating loyal customers?

This is the most important piece – What are you measuring? If they are only measuring profitability, is that a good measurement?

Profit is the result of something – it’s the result of past decisions. Profit is a lagging indicator – not a forward indicator.

If you are only measuring profitability, then the affiliate knows that this organization has a problem. An organization cannot forecast their future only by looking at profit.

The other key is Leadership. Ask them how they would define the difference between Leadership and Management?

Leadership has to do with the future – innovation –where are they headed – determining what the right things to do are. Management’s role is to do the right things now.

Does the organization know what a healthy model of an organization looks like?

How does all the above impact your organization?  What does that look like, what does that do to the health of your organization, and your alignment?

So what do you look for?

  1. Structure: Turnover in 30 days, firing, high turnover, turf war, gridlock, fighting fires, silo mentality
  2. Process: Cycle time, re work, response time, gridlock, lead times, scrap, customer complaints
  3. Rewards & Recognition: internal competition, gridlock, and turf wars
  4. People: Low morale, communication, long meetings, productivity, and turnover
  5. Results: Lost targets, no focus, looking at past results to determine future growth, loyal employees, and loyal customers

Senior management builds trust by allowing employees to “fix” issues, which creates loyal employees.  If you see any of the above symptoms, THEN we need to talk.  I am very confident that I could help you and your organization focus, ALIGN and execute what needs to happen in order to achieve your success measures.

What if your organization had a competitive advantage? Say someone with years of experience and a proven track record for developing and implementing ideas leading to higher productivity, greater efficiency, noticeably improved morale, higher profits, and continued upward growth?  Sounds too good to be true, eh?

performance coach can help you bring people and process into alignment with strategy and help you develop the leadership potential within your organization.  Raising the leadership quotient in your organization leads to improved results.  Patrick Frazier, CBC, is the performance coach that can help you raise the bar and lift your team to greater heights.  The Coaching Authority is the place to go for help….which by the way, in the last 5 years, we have helped over 25 different companies in our community get quick results and build a long-term competitive advantage.  Don’t delay. Call Patrick Frazier at the Coaching Authority today!

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1. The answers to all of the challenges and opportunities an organization is facing exist within the organization.
2. Our job is not to teach – but to facilitate organizational learning.
3. We provide process and structure with a focus on the generation of tangible results.
4. Partnership and commitment focused on the specific needs of the client.
5. During periods of change and chaos – people need structure.
6. Management is the cause – all else is the effect.

So WHAT do you BELIEVE?  What values does your organization hold to be true?  A performance coach can help you discover and develop the potential that is within your organization.  A good coach can help you identify your core values, vision, mission and critical success factors.  A Patrick Frazier, CBC, is the performance coach that can help you raise the bar and lift your team to greater heights.  The Coaching Authority has helped over 25 different companies in our community get quick results and build a long-term competitive advantage.  Don’t delay. Call Patrick Frazier at theCoaching Authority today!

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Ever wonder exactly what is in a ‘Twinkie’.  Probably not. But for those of you that have wondered, but never new where to look – click here.  If you knew the ingredients, then they might not taste so good going down.  Apparently there are 37 individual ingredients that make up that cream filled cake wonder. A list of ingredients or pictures of individually measured elements really doesn’t look or sound so good.  However, put the right amounts all together and then you have a culinary delight!

A Strategic Plan is sort of like that.  You can make an outline or list all the elements of a business strategic plan and it seems lifeless, tasteless and without purpose.  Get the right people focused on the right things, at the right time, to get the right results and you have something to behold. A strategic plan helps a business do exactly that.  A certified business coach can help you pull together all the right ingredients for a sound strategic plan.  For more information on the Strategic Planning process call The Coaching Authority.  Call today, and they might even throw in a free twinke to sweeten up the deal.

Do you have a written strategic plan?

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