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Sort of gives “Long Live the Queen” a new meaning — doesn’t it? 

 Have you ever noticed that some things in life just seem to never go away?  Take for example, business processes. “Bad processes”, in particular, just seem to hang around forever.   We have good intentions, developing and installing new, efficient and effective process.  Over time, things change, but our processes don’t keep up.  Old processes, outdated methods, and old systems often obstruct new direction, new goals, and/or new people.  Results are often not what we had hoped for.  Success seems elusive.  Progress grinds to a halt.

A Certified Quality Facilitator partners with organizations to help them solve business problems and achieve higher levels of success in their business.  By helping organizations eliminate bad processes and align people and process with strategy, a business coach can help you and your organization obtain greater profitability, increase market share, decrease time to market, decrease process variation, decrease employee turnover and increase on-time delivery.  

Just because the Queen ‘may’ have been around forever, doesn’t mean bad processes have to linger for eternity.  Helping businesses get quick results and build a long term competitive advantage is what we do at Five Star Performance.  So don’t delay. Contact The Coaching Authority today.  He can be reached at Patrick.S.Frazier@Comcast.net (or more information can be found at www.CoachingAuthority.net )


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I didn’t think so…We also know of no company that has positioned themselves for long term success without managing their costs and productivity.


Business advisors may suggest that major hurdles are either financially or marketing driven. However, our experience indicates that chief obstacles in both these areas are driven by misalignment of core processes. This causes symptoms that become financial and look as though marketing may be involved, but the root cause may lie somewhere else.


The beauty to finding the solution is that there is no need to rush into a flavor of the month program. In fact this approach often has helped create the problem. What is required is an approach that is yours, is developed inside-out and is proven. When implemented properly this not only impacts profits, but also has positive effects upon customer and employee satisfaction, productivity, speed of new product introductions, and improved supplier relations. In a word, you become more competitive and more profitable.


The simple fact is that today, processes designed to fit “yesterday’s needs” can be bleeding companies by as much as 15% of their gross sales. If only a fraction of this erosion could be stopped and added to your bottom line what would that mean to you this year?


I’d like the opportunity to connect the previous paragraphs with your current business situation to see if our organization might become a resource for you.  You have absolutely nothing to lose and perhaps a whole bunch to gain. At worst we’ll both meet a good person.  Don’t Delay.  Call the Coaching Authority TODAY!


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One afternoon, I happened to notice the tires on my car seemed to be wearing out, unevenly.  Not being particularly mechanically gifted, I drove my ailing car into the local Sears Auto Shop.  It wasn’t long until my friendly mechanic, came back with the diagnosis. “Yer, car is out of alignment.”  The out of aligned condition, resulted in accelerated, uneven wear of my tires.  It also was the cause for other steering related issues, I’ll not get into here in this blog.

However, the entire incident did cause me to think about other areas of misalignment.   In particular, organizations seem to have a tendency to get ‘out-of-alignment’ from time to time.  And when they do, the consequences can show up just as quickly as a bald tire.  While there are many consequences of an unaligned organization, here are six that come to mind:

  1. STRATEGY – If strategy is missing, unclear of not agreed upon, THEN Confusion results.  No common direction, working on different priorities or lack of criteria for decision making and empowerment.
  2. STRUCTURE – If structure is not aligned with strategy, THEN Friction results.  Silo mentality exists and fractionalization of efforts and lost opportunities prevail.
  3. PROCESS – If processes are not coordinated with strategy and structure, or left unchanged, THEN Gridlock results.  Lack of collaboration across departments, long decision making cycles and difficulty in sharing information and excessive waste occur.
  4. REWARD –  If rewards don’t support the strategy, THEN Internal Competition results.  Things like frustration and turnover, low standards and wasted energy, and lack of team work exist throughout the organization.
  5. PEOPLE – If people don’t have the proper skills, attitude and/or knowledge, THEN Low performance and low morale result. For example Effort without result, lack of employee satisfaction and excessive meetings with no results plague the team.
  6. RESULTS – If results being measured don’t support the strategy or are to numerous, THEN lack of focus occurs.  Goals that are not relevant to the future strengths of the business and often lacking a customer focus more drive by the P&L are symptoms that often occur.

Leadership is what makes it all work.   Lack of inappropriate leadership: is visible thru the existence of constantly changing priorities, focusing on “wrong things”, to many measurements, over use of authority, turn-over of key employees and fear.  According to John Maxwell, “everything rises and falls on leadership.”

Are you seeing confusion, friction, gridlock, internal competition, low performance/morale and/or lack of focus in your organization?  What would your organization accomplish if it were free of these alignment errors? What is the cost of doing nothing? What are you going to do about it?

The Coaching Authority is here to help.  With tools like DIALOG (organizational assessment) we can help you and your organization measure alignment.  With hard data supporting alignment, blind spots, and opportunities, we can help you get quick results.  With our leadership development processes we can facilitate the learning experience within your organization building a long-term competitive advantage.  Don’t delay.  Call Patrick Frazier, from the Coaching Authority, today!

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Nothing quite like a dip in the pool to relax on a hot summer day.  Here is a story about how one of our clients relieved the stress related to day to day responsibilities of running a customer service organization supporting world-wide operations.  This story comes courtesy of our client — a private wholesale electronic equipment and supplies company located in Northern Indiana.


  • Reduce stress associated with daily grind and increase employee satisfaction for Customer Service representatives.  Aspiration to raise low employee morale and improve overall employee and team attitudes.
  • Need to develop an understanding how customers define service, how to cultivate empathy with customers, understanding human behavior and how to provide excellence in service.
  • Strong desire to increase knowledge handling complaints, improving communication skills and developing mastery handling difficult situations.
  • Cultivate consensus and unity surrounding values and team goals. Increase employee engagement.


  • Customer Loyalty leadership development                                                   4Q06


  • Improved employee morale, team productivity and worker satisfaction resulting in improved customer satisfaction, reduced expense, increased sales, and faster accounts receivable payment.
  • Developed management/leadership skills, increased team leadership bench strength leading to department leader promotion to division of greater organizational responsibility/visibility
  • Gave the Customer Service team a boost of energy advancing the skill level of a high performing, engaging and accountable work group.


  • Daily focus of customer satisfaction metrics resulting in customer loyalty.
  • Monthly customer testimonials shared publicly.
  • Monthly recognition/encouragement for job well done. Daily focus on positive affirmations and employee recognition.

So if your stressed out by the dog-days of summer, or maybe the day to day grind of serving the endless demands of customers, call The Coaching Authority and lets talk about ideas for freshening up your approach and building a competitive advantage through customer loyalty.

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Last month, I completed a case study for one of my most satisfied clients.  A private company categorized under Financial Services.  Annual sales revenue of $50M and employs a staff of approximately 150.  Here is the scenario we faced, the action we took and the phenomenal results achieved.


  • Increased competition.
  • Shrinking margins.
  • Economic pressure.
  • Credit markets dry, move to self funded / self sustaining, cash flow driven.
  • Customer disconnect, service challenges.
  • Employee engagement low.
  • Organization undergoing major changes to adapt to new realities.
  • Moving from high growth to profit focus, while maintaining reasonable growth.
  • Lack of clear vision.


These challenges clearly impacted the organization and required major changes to the business model and a new direction and vision for the organization.  The organization was concerned by market conditions and ongoing regulatory changes.  They held a deep desire to overcome a strong and growing resistance to change. Customer attrition was high. Employee attitudes / engagement was low. Leadership focus was drifting from the original company vision/mission and centered on daily operational issues.  The company had not been focused on building relationships / supporting independent sales partners and providing great service to merchants. They were simply following rules. Customers felt the organization was a hassle to do business with. Fewer and fewer continuous improvement activities were launched and quality programs depreciated over time.


  • Completed employee feedback process using the DIALOG organizational assessment and also simultaneously surveyed Sales Partners/ Merchants and Suppliers. Data from surveys were incorporated into strategic planning process.
  • Developed 4 year business plan, engaged leadership in design of objectives / goals to accomplish the plan. Used SWOT, environmental data, surveys, financial trend data, competitive data, etc. as inputs to the process.
  • Focused on 4 key areas: People, Service Delivery, Financial and Innovation.
  • Established 5 key goals with supporting projects for 2010.
  • Linked into leadership objectives / bonus and performance compensation.
  • Held meetings with employees to share the strategy, review feedback from survey and actions we are taking and to ask for their help.
  • Quarterly leadership reviews to track progress and adjust as required. Each objective / process owner required to give an update.
  • Updates to employees each quarter in company meetings. Also use newsletter and blog.
  • Began process of developing company vision with employee input.


  • All key goals and supporting projects are on target including new product roll-outs, cost savings initiatives, service delivery and change management areas.
  • Tracked and reported daily, monthly and reviewed quarterly as appropriate to the metric or project being measured.
  • $5M in additional revenue.
  • $1M in operational cost savings.
  • $20M in debt reduction.
  • Improved Voice of Customer survey results.
  • Improved Voice of Employee survey results.


  • Strategic plan progress / key goals and business performance reviewed quarterly.
  • Discussed Key Business Goals weekly in leadership team meetings and monthly in one-on-one performance coaching sessions
  • Linked Performance to Key Business Goals to bonus and compensation opportunities.

What would you do with $5M in additional revenue? I don’t know about you, but that makes me want to dance! Here’s a guy that knows what it is like to work with a performance coach.

Got a Coach?  Get one. Right now. Click here.

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