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My bracket is busted.  Yep, busted in the first round.  I reforecast my bracket, only so that the teams I picked to win, would seemingly be marked for heartbreaking loss.  Who’s number 1?  I have no idea.

Ever feel like your priorities in life are more confusing than the first round of upsets in an NCAA bracket?  Sometimes, it seems like we have so, many ‘things to do’ and demands on our time, that we are working harder and harder everyday and getting farther and farther from the things that we really want in life.

Here’s a way that I ‘ve found for prioritizing your goals (and activities) that seems to help people make the most of their time. 

List out your dreams for a life well lived, goals for this year or things that you feel you need/want to do.  Then put your goals into the Tournament Bracket, one goal, one space on the bracket.  Then do a single elimination playoff for each bracket. The goal that wins, advances to the next round. Then determine the winner of winners, and so on…continue this process until you have identified the #1 priority in your life.

So, what is the criteria for determining what goals ‘win’ and advance in the tourney?  Its really pretty simple.  I’ve found three criteria for prioritizing your goals:

1. If accomplishing this goal allows you to live your purpose, or calling

2. If accomplishing this goal allows you to develop or utilize a strength or particular skill, talent

3. If accomplishing this goal would help you achieve greater balance in life

Determine which goal wins and advances based on the degree of fullfillment of the above criteria. 

Once you have determined Who’s Number 1, then ask yourself, what will you do today, this week, this month to advance that goal in your life.  Are you spending time, effort and resources on things that are not important?   What needs to happen?  Then, DO it!

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