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Ever wonder exactly what is in a ‘Twinkie’.  Probably not. But for those of you that have wondered, but never new where to look – click here.  If you knew the ingredients, then they might not taste so good going down.  Apparently there are 37 individual ingredients that make up that cream filled cake wonder. A list of ingredients or pictures of individually measured elements really doesn’t look or sound so good.  However, put the right amounts all together and then you have a culinary delight!

A Strategic Plan is sort of like that.  You can make an outline or list all the elements of a business strategic plan and it seems lifeless, tasteless and without purpose.  Get the right people focused on the right things, at the right time, to get the right results and you have something to behold. A strategic plan helps a business do exactly that.  A certified business coach can help you pull together all the right ingredients for a sound strategic plan.  For more information on the Strategic Planning process call The Coaching Authority.  Call today, and they might even throw in a free twinke to sweeten up the deal.

Do you have a written strategic plan?


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After you watch the video, ask yourself, did he have a problem, or a decision to make?  (Big problem, tough decision).  Which is easier?  Now that I have your attention, “Have you ever noticed, sometimes when we are faced with tough decisions, we consider changing the decision (goal) instead of solving the problem.”  When we are committed to the decision, we dedicate all we have to solving the problem.

According to Wikipedia, Problem solving is a mental process that is required to move from a given state to a desired goal state.  Decision making can be regarded as cognitive process that results in the selection of a course of action among several alternatives.

Without a purpose or stated goal, then everything is a confusing mess of decisions, problems, choices.

So, are you facing a decision in your life or business….or do you need to solve a problem?  As an accredited business coach, the Coaching Authority can help you make sense of the confusing mess.  We help individuals and organizations get quick results, and build a long-term competitive advantage.  We do this by helping you and your organization align, people, process and strategy.  And we start the process by helping you determine your purpose or stated goal.  Don’t Delay call Patrick Frazier, CBC today!

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Some things are visible….some are not. Like the cost of poor quality, some costs you see…some you do not.

For example, some of the visible costs of POOR quality can be: Excess Overtime, Customer Complaints, Billing Errors, Consultants, Cost of a Quality Assurance Department, and Rework. However, like the fate of the Titanic, the hidden is often much greater than the visible.  The HIDDEN costs of poor quality are often seen (or measured) after it’s too late.  Here are a few of the hidden costs (Below the waterline):  Waste, Grievances, Litigation, high Turnover, low productivity, Staff Frustration, long Cycle Times, Excessive Accounts Receivable, Machine Downtime, Disability pay , Excessive Inventories, missed Schedules, Incorrect Order Entry, Lost Customers, Lack of Teamwork, Little/No cooperation/collaboration between departments.

So the question is “What costs do you see, resulting from poor quality?” or better yet, “What costs do you suspect might be just below the waterline resulting from poor quality?”  Do you know? Would you like to know? Would you like to reduce (or eliminate) these costs?

As a certified Total Quality facilitator, the Coaching Authority, can help your organization, get quick results and drive out costs (visible and hidden).  Stop re-arranging the chairs on the deck of the Titanic.  Don’t delay. Call the Patrick Frazier of the Coaching Authority today!

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Nothing quite like a dip in the pool to relax on a hot summer day.  Here is a story about how one of our clients relieved the stress related to day to day responsibilities of running a customer service organization supporting world-wide operations.  This story comes courtesy of our client — a private wholesale electronic equipment and supplies company located in Northern Indiana.


  • Reduce stress associated with daily grind and increase employee satisfaction for Customer Service representatives.  Aspiration to raise low employee morale and improve overall employee and team attitudes.
  • Need to develop an understanding how customers define service, how to cultivate empathy with customers, understanding human behavior and how to provide excellence in service.
  • Strong desire to increase knowledge handling complaints, improving communication skills and developing mastery handling difficult situations.
  • Cultivate consensus and unity surrounding values and team goals. Increase employee engagement.


  • Customer Loyalty leadership development                                                   4Q06


  • Improved employee morale, team productivity and worker satisfaction resulting in improved customer satisfaction, reduced expense, increased sales, and faster accounts receivable payment.
  • Developed management/leadership skills, increased team leadership bench strength leading to department leader promotion to division of greater organizational responsibility/visibility
  • Gave the Customer Service team a boost of energy advancing the skill level of a high performing, engaging and accountable work group.


  • Daily focus of customer satisfaction metrics resulting in customer loyalty.
  • Monthly customer testimonials shared publicly.
  • Monthly recognition/encouragement for job well done. Daily focus on positive affirmations and employee recognition.

So if your stressed out by the dog-days of summer, or maybe the day to day grind of serving the endless demands of customers, call The Coaching Authority and lets talk about ideas for freshening up your approach and building a competitive advantage through customer loyalty.

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Have you ever thought, “Why is this happening to me?”….maybe its because things are out of alignment.  Perhaps its a missing strategy, or inconsistent processes, or unprepared people.  What ever the reason, we help organizations align their systems in order to get a competitive edge. Let me explain.

Organizations have a strategy, which is where they’re going and how they’re going to get there.

Their structure is designed to support the strategy. Peter Drucker says, “Structure follows strategy.” We’ve seen that most organizations don’t follow that model. They reorganize when trouble hits or they are faced with something unexpected.

Now, we also take it one step further, do the processes support the strategy? We look at the way the work flows: how much time to put out a product, waste measurement, etc. Again the key is alignment. If the strategy is low cost, quick turnaround, but the processes don’t support it, you’re processes are dead.

Next we look at the rewards and recognition systems. Do they support the strategy? For example, if the strategy is team based but you’re only rewarding individuals, the team’s dead.

Moving on to your people. Do they have the attitudes, skills, and knowledge to implement the strategy? Do you have the right people in the right places, doing the right things for the right reasons? Are they aligned with your strategy? Do they even know it?

All of this feeds the heart of your business: your customer loyalty and your results. If all you are measuring is business results, how does that strategy support creating loyal customers?

All of these aspects are geared to get results but must be right and contain all: customers, future share of market, new products, etc.

Surrounding that whole piece is your leadership. They hold the whole thing together. And we’re not talking managers here. Managers do things right; Leadership determines what are the right things to do.

Which points are out of alignment or missing in your organization? We help you figure that out. Our goal is to come through any door in your organization and we want to go in every room to help you achieve improved alignment leading to better business results.

So if you (or someone you know) is asking “Why is this happening to me?”, call the Coaching Authority.  Got a coach? Get one.

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Resource Associates Corporation and the Total Quality Institute of Wyomissing, Pennsylvania are pleased to announce that Patrick Frazier of Five Star Performance located in Granger, IN has successfully fulfilled all necessary qualifications of TQI Certification. He has now been awarded the title of Certified Quality Facilitator and proudly joins a handful of selected individuals across the nation to have achieved this designation.

As a Certified Quality Facilitator, Patrick partners with organizations to help them solve business problems and achieve higher levels of success in their business such as greater profitability, increased market share, decreased time to market, decreased process variation, decreased employee turnover, increased on-time delivery, and greater flexibility just to name a few. Five Star Performance’s process quickly allows clients to become more successful in meeting their specific strategic growth objectives.

With the distinction of Certified Quality Facilitator in addition to Patrick’s past achievements and accomplishments, Five Star Performance, LLC is uniquely qualified to help enhance and develop people and business potential that already exist within these organizations—a potential frequently underutilized.

So if you ever feel like breaking away from the herd and looking for quick results and a long-term competitive advantage, contact Patrick Frazier.  As a certified business coach and quality facilitator, he can help.   He can be reached at Patrick.S.Frazier@Comcast.net (or more information can be found at www.CoachingAuthority.net).

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