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In the Dark?

Have you ever felt like you are blind folded  when somebody pulled a switcheroo on you?   Or, have you ever felt like you are in the dark, when it comes to long range planning? Running an organization without a strategic plan can seem like playing chess in the dark.  A written strategic plan can help you clarify your organizations basic foundation, business philosophy and vision statement.  Defining your organizations long range plan can help you establish values and principles of running your business and determine the critical success factors required for reaching your desired results.

Just as there is no real  reason to be blindfolded and kiss a chimp, there are no grounds for running your business without a long range plan.  In fact there are very good reasons for creating a plan to help you increase market share, maximize ROI, increase shareholder value, and attracting, servicing and keeping a loyal customer base. Like the light of day, a strategic plan can shine the pathway to greater profitability.  To learn more about how easy developing a strategic plan can be for your organization, call The Coaching Authority.


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In 1970, when a dead sperm whale washed up on shore in Florence, Oregon the Oregon Highway Division had an idea for disposing the rotting carcass.   The plan was to blow up the beached carcass with dynamite.  The explosion threw guts and chunks of whale meat over 800 ft away. This incident became famous in the U.S. when American humorist Dave Barry wrote about it in his newspaper column after viewing a videotape of television footage of the explosion. It later became well-known internationally. At the time it sounded like a good idea.

Have you ever made plans that back fired?  Sometimes plans that sound good in the beginning, don’t turn out so good.  However according to John L. Beckley “Most people don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan.”

A Strategic Plan can help you and your organization determine the critical success factors for your business.  Strategic planning is an organization’s process of defining its strategy, or direction, and making decisions on allocating its resources to pursue this strategy, including its capital and people. Various business analysis techniques can be used in strategic planning, including Competitive Analysis, Market Analysis, Trend Analysis and SLOT analysis. Strategic planning is the formal consideration of an organization’s future course.

To learn more about how The Coaching Authority can help you and your organization avoid a “whale of a failure”, check out our strategic planning solutions.

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Ask any 8 year old boy what his greatest fear is and chances are you’ll hear that one of them is a wedgie administered by the school bully.    A couple of years ago, the Associated Press reported that 8-year-old Ohio twins designed a form of anti-wedgie underwear. Alas, the Rip-Away 1000 was born.  Fear can be a great motivator and often a source of creativity and innovation.

Ask business owners, entrepreneurs or organizational leaders their greatest fears and you will likely get answers like lack of vision, lack of purpose, lack of motivation, dysfunctional underperforming teams, poor financial performance, lack of creativity, and the list goes on…and on…After a while, you get the sense that they would rather have a wedgie.

Fortunately, a business coach can help gain clarity, develop a vision, increase sense of mission, identify critical success factors, define business goals, inspire action, embrace change, foster a high performing work environment….and so much more!   Here’s how (Executive Leadership).

Save the wedgie.  Don’t delay. Call the Coaching Authority today.

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Funny commercial.  Relevant question.  What is guarding those things that you value most?

So, maybe we all can’t all afford a Trunk-Monkey, but fortunately there is something you can do about it.  A business improvement specialist or performance coach can help you clarify your vision, put in plain words your values and help you define a mission that assures that the things important to you are protected.  Protected in the sense that things that are well defined, communicated clearly are acted upon.  Acting on your plans assures that your time is not wasted.  Your time is valuable.  Guard it, like your life depends on it.

Visit the Coaching Authority to learn how a business improvement specialist can help your organization plan for success!

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